Profr Sarinana-Ortiz

He started teaching on 1990 in Santa Cruz, CA at Cabrillo College, he was traveling Quebec ( where he studied French and prof. Joane asked him to be part of her team), since then he never stopped teaching: 30 years teaching experience: USA: Santa Cruz, CA, all over Oregon state where Oregon Commission on Hispanic Affairs sponsored his lessons, 10 level of Spanish & Cultural Awareness for state employees; WESD ( 10 levels of Spanish & Cultural Awareness for Educators; First Methodist Church in Salem, OR 10 level of Spanish & Cultural Awareness for everybody; Also all over Oregon State: the 6 hr Seminar (workshop) Bridging Anglo & Latino Cultures Seminar for School Districts, Oregon State Agencies, Police, Correctional officers, etc.. Mexico San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas for San Cristobal Language School ( he is a teacher and director), Instituto Jovel. Japan: Panasonic, City of Osaka. also worked in Mexico for ICA Japan ( Institute Of Culture Of Japan.